JJ's skydiving photo's on negative Film

Here are just a few of my skydiving photos taken with 35mm film & slide film.  If you are interested in any photo, please email me.


14way pops way

16way pops way

Pete Blank on the SDO pond

5 shot multiple exposure

Andy Hoginthebong when he was a Golden Knight

Sam & Steve leaving the balloon in Eloy

Loki over Lake Elsinore

BJ Helfer tracking off

Blake over the SDO pond

Blake on the old pond

Dive & Dine funnel

Dive & Dine chunk

Darin Quayle

Loki over Elsinore

Pete & his wife Evett over Guam (these were actually taken with a hand held digital point & shoot)


This was the Paragear back cover shot

Fred & Matteos

Gary's canopy up close

Gordo filming dive & dine

Gordo filming above


Joey Jones on his back w/ his brother on the right.

Derin during a tandem opening

NW Express exiting the otter

OP landing

OP filming a tandem

Panaramic shot

Ryan's 1,000th jump riding in the front

Ryan over the pond

Birdman Steve leaving the otter

Alan tracking off over Elsinore

Loki over Molalla

A night jump over Davis