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My name is Jeff (JJ) Johnson and I started skydiving in 1997 in Snohomish Washington.  What turned out to be a 'jump just to do it' turned into a lifestyle.  I quickly stopped doing all other activities and spent pretty much all my free time at the DZ (that's dropzone for you non jumping crowd).  I started filming for a 4way team named Loki in '99 as a fill in for their regular camera guy and found that I loved it. The following 3 years, I filmed for them through out the season and at each National competition.  The best the team did was tie for 5th place out of roughly 33 teams in the intermediate division.

In '02, I quit my regular full time sheet metal job and moved to the DZ.  I worked and lived at Skydive Oregon  for just over a year and a half.  In September of '03, I moved to Guam for 6 months to work at Skydive Guam.  That was quite an experience.  The nice thing was that 90% of the students (Japanese) were about 100lbs.  After returning in April, I took a couple of months off and then got a job at Skydive San Diego.  I worked there full time until the end of October and then moved back to Oregon. 

I spent the remainder of time going to school for drafting, working at Skydive Oregon, and hangin with my son.  I have 5,000 jumps, with 1,600+ of those tandems & 2000+ wearing a camera.  I've had 9 reserve rides with 8 cut-away's.  I stopped doing tandems in July of '06 and only fun jump now along with filming teams.  2 years ago, Skydive Oregon was lucky enough to have an 8-way team...Northwest Express that I filmed for.  The team competed in the '05 US Nationals and won gold
Me on the outside of the Bandit over Guam.'04

JJ backflying
Back flying in Guam with a tandem.  This is fun jumping in Guam....he he

4way team Loki @ the Nationals held in Chicago.  Don't remember the year.  I'm in the front/middle

NW Express
8way team NW Express @ the 05 Nationals in Perris...and yes, we took the gold.

Me....(photo by Joel Kiesel)

Me on the SDO pond and stufffff. (photo by Troy K)


and yes.....I was profiled in parachutist.  Too funny huh.