Up July 5th - 2014 Slideshow

All photos are shot from my canon 5D mkII. All files that are full size are 21 megapixels. This means enlargements can be HUGE and cropping can be done with minimal loss. If you are interested in ordering any pics, please email me at linestretch@hotmail.com with file name and size you want. 4x6-$1.00 5x7 - $4.00 8x10 - $10.00 11x14 - $15.00 16x20 - $25.00 20x30 - $35.00 The file....I charge 20 bucks per file (that's the full file size). You are basically getting the negative here. If you want a reduced file size or want to buy a lot of files, we can work something out.


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