Rigging information page




So...what do you want to know.  I've had my riggers ticket since April of '03 and have roughly 400 packs w/ 20 saves....4 of which are on myself.  I have a commercial Brother sewing machine and routinely perform repairs.  Just ask.  Below are some photo's of repairs, items I've made, and some damaged gear.  I do all my rigging out of my apartment which is in Lake Oswego, Oregon (no, I'm not a snob, I'm in the ghetto of LO).

Rigging services include:

Inspect and repack-$50.00

BOC replacement-$35.00

Line set (you need to supply the lines, I just attach them)-$80.00

New brake lines: from cascade to toggle-$30.00,just the lowers-$15.00

And lots of misc repairs.


Save list (These are only the saves that I know of.  They aren't in any specific order)

Jarod Winters - Javelin (first save)

Leonard Sacco - Javelin

Betty - Javelin

Gordo - Javelin

me - Infinity

me - Infinity

Steve Scherja;hfa;eh (sorry, can't spell that last name) - Wings

Steve again - Wings

Rocky - Eclipse

me (9-04) - Racer

me again (4th time) - Infinity

Christian - Sigma tandem

Jennifer MacGregor - Wings

Jarod Winters (2nd time) - Infinity

Jennifer MacGregor (2nd time) - Infinity

Kellye Tant - Javelin

Rocky (2nd time) - Eclipse

Paul Russel - Javelin

Ryan Siemer - Eclipse

Betty (again) - Javelin

John Kirby - Dolphin (started jumping in '71.....his first reserve ride!)

John Kirby (again)

Gene Delay (both Gene & John on the same day!) 

Josiah Lofland - Infinity (First reserve ride)

Steve Wells - Javelin (first ride in 20 years)

me (5th time...on my birthday) - Infinity

Zach Sommer - Javelin

Brett Barnum - Infinity

Dave Connoly - Javelin


Rigging bag I made

Inside of the bag I made.

Rigging bag I made for Brett Marten

Rig I made for my son

The kid modeling it.

A seam coming apart on a strong tandem. You can see the reserve suspension lines.

UV damage to a pilots rig

A patch on a saber. I'm color blind.

A tail patch section on a stiletto 107. Notice the fading.

Another patch on the same canopy.

A bent pin on a sigma tandem

A BOC on an older Javelin

Zipper added to the booty so the jumper could wear a cast.

A rigging disastor. The brake lines weren't routed through the slider....on a reserve.

BOC added to an infinity that was set w/ a pull-out system.

BOC added to wings that was a pull-out system